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Health, Mind & Body

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A Guide to the Edible and Medicinal Plants of the Finger Lakes Trail, Heather A. Houskeeper
1 Heather A. Houskeeper A Guide to the Edible and Medicinal Plants of the Finger Lakes Trail
Candler, NC Pisgah Press 2016 1942016182 / 9781942016182 1 Spiral NEW Book Author 
A hiker's practical guide to the plants for along the FLT and throughout New York State. Book is spiral bound, richly illustrated with color photography. Author describes (and shows images) along with the habitat where the plant is found and recipes and guidelines for usage. A great resource for the forager. Sections for each plant include: Identification; Habitat; Uses (which includes recipes). 
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Anatomy for Yoga & Pilates (Full Length DVD), Michael Stein
2 Michael Stein Anatomy for Yoga & Pilates (Full Length DVD)
New Paltz, NY Astanga Yoga of New Paltz 2011 NEWS DVD - Full Length 
Anatomy for Yoga & Pilates

With Michael Stein

DVD - Full Length

Chapters Include

  1. Skeleton
  2. Types of Muscle Tissue
  3. The Best way to tone muscle tissue
  4. Eccentric Lengthening
  5. Hamstring anatomy
  6. Hamstring importance
  7. Agonist/Antagonist relationship
  8. Quadriceps
  9. Adduction
  10. The Psoas
  11. Paoas stretch
  12. Shoulders
  13. Latissimus Dorai
  14. Serratus anterior & Rhomboida
  15. Rotator Cuff
  16. The Knee Joint
  17. Knee Health
  18. Full Lotus Done Safely

Anatomy for Yoga & Pilates
with Michael Stein

A full length DVD for students and teachers alike who would
like to get a clear understanding of the names, location,
and function of most major muscle groups in the body.
Each chapter covers a different part part of the body
in detail and shows how you can tone and stretch these areas
using fundamental Yoga and Pilates postures no matter
what your level of experience may be.
You will also learn why certain core muscles are more important
for overall health and postural support than the more commonly
known superficial muscles.

About Michael Stein

Michael Stein is the Director of Ashtanga Yoga of New Paltz.
He has been practicing Hatha yoga for almost thirty years and has
been teaching it for fifteen years. Michael's father, who taught
yoga in New York City, first introduced him to the study of yoga
at the Sivananda ashrams in the Bahamas and upstate New York.

Through the years Michael has studied a wide range of disciplines including
Ashtanga, Iyengar, Kundalini, Sivananda, and Vinyasa Yoga.
In 1994 he completed his teacher's certification at "Yoga Plus"
in southern Crete. Since then he has taught at the Omega Institute
as well as many Yoga studios in the upstate N.Y. area.
Michael has led eight Yoga Teacher Training programs at his own
studio and various types of workshops that all stress the relationship
between Anatomy and Movement.

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The Rife Handbook    of Frequency Therapy and Holistic Health, Nenah Sylver, PhD
3 Nenah Sylver, PhD The Rife Handbook of Frequency Therapy and Holistic Health
Arizona Desert Gate 2011 0981807518 / 9780981807515 NEW - 2011 Hardcover NEW None (as issued) 768 Pages 

The best written and most informative book I've ever seen on resonant frequency therapy.  Jimmie Holman, Pulsed Technologies

Comprehensive, thoroughly researched guide to holistic health as well as the science and application of the work of Royal Rife. I highly recommend it for any clinical practiceutilizing complementary and energy medicine therapies.   Robert S. Ivker, DO, American Board of integrative Holistic Medicine (ABIHM) and author, Sinus Survival

Sophisticated enough for the seasoned health professional, yet thorough and comprehensible enough for the novice.  One of the best primers I have ever seen on holistic health.  Rose Marie Williams, MA, Townsend Letter


For a complete Chapter Outline plus Index, go to

Chapter 1: The Politics of Medicine and the Nature of Health.  Drug damage versus effectiveness. How to analyze clinical trials and hospital procedures. Iatrogenic (doctor-caused) disease and preventable deaths. How vaccines damage the body. Big Pharma marriage to the FDA, other government agencies, and universities. How drugs are approved, marketed and publicized. rBGH, aspartame and other toxins. Corporate-owned media, the fallacy of  peer reviewed articles, industry ties to medical journals, the bribing of doctors. Doping our children with psychotropic drugs. Addiction. How electronic media affects the brain. Drugs in our food and drinking water. Big Pharma's campaign against nutritional supplements.

Chapter 2: The History of Pleomorphism and Inventions of Royal Raymond Rife.  Life cycles of a microbe (Bechamp versus Pasteur). Precursors to disease, including deficiencies in sleep, oxygen and nutrients, and chemical/electromagnetic toxicities, injury, pH imbalance, pathogens, and emotional states. Pleomorphism proponents Virchow, Nightingale, Enderlein, Haefeli, Reich, Rosenow, Livingston-Wheeler, Naessens, Mattman and others. Little known facts about Royal Rifes life, his Universal Microscope, Ray, and clinical trials. How Rifes devices actually worked. John Crane, John Marsh, and the next generation of frequency devices. Detailed diagrams and measurements of a pleomorphic life cycle as viewed through a modern high-resolution German microscope. Photos of Rife, his colleagues, instruments, and news articles.

Chapter 3: Complementary Therapies.  Water and distillation, minerals, heavy metals, unabsorbed minerals, electrolytes. Cleaning and restoring water. Selected beverages. Food: different diets, biochemistry and metabolism. Factory farming, genetic engineering, irradiation, cloning. Explaining organic, wildcrafted, heirloom, local, free range, Brix. Good and bad fats, chemicals, conditioners, preservatives, and synthesized foods.  Sweeteners: history, biochemical effects, and processing of agave syrup, xylitol and stevia. Weston A. Price. Food preparation methods and cookware. Potency and preparation of herbs. Food-based versus synthetic nutritional supplements. Hydrogen peroxide. Ozone in drinking water; insufflation, funneling and bagging; inhalation; salve; generators; using ozone in the sauna. Colloidal Silver: history, properties, contraindications, preparation, particle size, storage, home generators, how to use, dispelling the myth of CS toxicity and how to reverse argyria. Colon cleansing. Aerobic/anaerobic exercise and the lymphatic system, and its anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties. Physiological and emotional implications of touch, massage, craniosacral therapy, chiropractic. New research on the relationship of myofascial release to Oriental medicine. Light and color therapies in depth: the pineal gland and light, SAD, monochromatic light therapy with lasers and LEDs, and Dinshah's Spectro-Chrome Color Therapy. Sauna therapy. Sleep, sleep-inducing food and supplements, Inclined Bed Therapy (IBT), new developments in meditation.      

Chapter 4: Frequently Asked Questions about Rife Equipment and Sessions.  Precautions and contraindications, including if you have a heart condition, are wearing a pacemaker, are pregnant or nursing, have blood clots, are taking pharmaceuticals/herbs, are wearing implants, are sensitive to concentrated EM radiation. Giving sessions to infants, children, pets, and farm or zoo animals. Eliminating toxic waste released by rifing. Types of devices (with and without RF); desirable traits of devices and manufacturers. Lasers and LEDs, general sweep units, frequencies on CDs and DVDs.
  • Terminology for non-engineers.
  • FAQs about rife sessions, frequency selection and microbe response, Herxheimer response
  • How the frequencies work
  • Specific health conditions
  • Updates on Rife technology and treatments.
  • A Short Course on How to Give Yourself a Rife Session.
  • Photos of equipment includes LEDs, lasers, and the high-power Ergonom microscope with even better resolution than Rifes original, accompanied by microscopic views of one-celled organisms.

Chapter 5: Frequency Directory.  Alphabetical, annotated, cross-referenced list of symptoms, diseases and frequencies for rife units. Along with single, stand-alone entries are the following: Arthritis and Joints. Bacteria. Blood Sugar Levels. Bone and Skeleton. Cancer. Candida, Fungi, Molds and Yeasts. Chemical Poisoning / Detoxification. Dental (Mouth and Gums, and Teeth). Ears. Eyes. Gastrointestinal Tract (Systemic Conditions, Colon / Large Intestine, Small Intestine, and Stomach and Esophagus). Glands (Adrenals, Pancreas, Parathyroid, Pineal, Pituitary, Thymus, Thyroid). Headache. Heart, Blood and Circulation. Injuries. Insect Bites. Liver and Gall Bladder (Liver, and Gall Bladder). Lymphatic System. Men (Penis, Prostate, Sexual Functioning, Testicles, Urinary). Mind and Emotions. Muscles. Nervous System and Brain. Parasites, Protozoa and Worms. Regeneration and Healing. Respiratory Tract (Lungs, Nose and Sinuses, Throat and Lymph Nodes, Vocal Chords). Skin. Tuberculosis. Tumors, Benign. Ulcers. Urinary Tract (Bladder and Urethra, and Kidneys). Viruses. Women (Breasts; Menstruation and Menopause; Sexual Functioning; Uterus and Cervix, Ovaries, and Fallopian Tubes; Vagina and Labia). Each Level 1 section also contains summary of how the body works and explanations of selected medical terms.

Chapter 6: Creating a Better World, Inside and Out.  The trauma of illness and death. The five stages of dying and the implications of letting go. Doctor support or lack of it. When a privileged few control the worlds wealth. When corporations govern (legal theft and criminal commerce). How to go beyond the dominator (dominant) paradigm. Cutting edge scientific research: the interconnection of quantum particles and the human as hologram. The power of prayer, long distance healing and group intention. The Unified Field, and healing with the heart. Studies on the physiological effects of meditation. Changing the structure of water and our own DNA. Love as a resonance.

  • Appendix A: Resources.
  • Appendix B: Legal Implications of Rife Sessions.    
  • Appendix C: Healing with Electromedicine and Sound Therapies.  
  • Appendix D: Selected Published Studies in Electromedicine.
  • Appendix E: Rife Research in the United States.
  • References.
  • Index.

  • Hardcover. Size with cover: 8 3/4  x 11 1/4 inches (22.2 cm x 28.6 cm). Weight: 5.6 pounds (2.5 kg).        
  • Thickness: 2 inches (5 cm). Sturdy sewn binding and smooth thick paper ensure a long shelf life.

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