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Rife Frequency Therapy,      Electromedicine, and  Holistic Health Conference, Nenah Sylver
1 Nenah Sylver Rife Frequency Therapy, Electromedicine, and Holistic Health Conference
Arizona Nenah Sylver 2016 700256854098 DVD New DVD 

Rife Frequency Therapy, Electromedicine, and Holistic Health Conference

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CONFERENCE PROGRAM (about 14 hours)

Nenah Sylver, PhD:

Health Highlights and Pet Peeves

Rife Therapy: History & Clinical Trials

Overview of Modern Frequency Devices

How To Give Yourself a Rife Session

How We Get Sick and How We Stay Well

Being In Resonance: How to Talk Shop with Machine Manufacturers

Secrets of Your Electromagnetic Body

A Whirlwind Historical Tour of Really Neat Electromedical Devices

The Final Frontier-Sauna Therapy

Steve Haltiwanger, MD, CCN:

Biological Effects of Beneficial PEMFs (Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields)

Jimmie Holman, Pulsed Technologies:

Pulsed Technologies Research and Direction for the Future

Surviving Today's Toxic, Electro-Polluted Environment with VSG

Paddy McAlister, Magnetex:

The Magnetex, Detoxification and Pain Relief

Edna Tunney, MEd, Resonant Light:

5 Techniques the Professionals Use to Get Results with Their Rife Machines (and how you can do the same)

All: Q & A, both days

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The Holistic Handbook of Sauna Therapy, Nenah Sylver, PhD
2 Nenah Sylver, PhD The Holistic Handbook of Sauna Therapy
Stone Ridge, NY The Center for Frequency 2004 0967249171 / 9780967249179 Paperback NEW 

The Holistic Handbook of Sauna Therapy

Author: Nenah Sylver, PhD

Publisher: The Center For Frequency; 2004

Condition: NEW

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Have you ever wondered why sauna bathing is one of humankind's oldest therapies?

Our ancestors had a rather simple view of it: sweat, jump into snow or cold water, repeat. Sauna bathing was relaxing. It could be undertaken as a purification ritual. Practiced with family and friends, it was a time for socializing. But who would have thought that sweating was a complex affair? Or that saunas could play such an important role in remedying what ails us?

Today, with our heightened understanding of physiology and holistic healing, we finally have scientific proof that regular sauna therapy can indeed restore health through the elimination of many different kinds of toxins. Nenah Sylver, PhD, internationally published writer for 20 years—and author of the acclaimed Handbook of Rife Frequency Healing: Holistic Technology for Cancer and Other Diseases—thoroughly explores body heating in her newest work, The Holistic Handbook of Sauna Therapy. If you thought that saunas are frivolous or a luxury you can’t afford, you’re in for a welcome surprise.

Saunas have existed since the discovery of fire, their health benefits documented for as long as recorded history. Heating chambers have been built from clay, wood, animal skins, and even glass. They have been heated by everything from wood to heated rocks to hot sand. And they have ranged in size from crawl spaces in the ground to massive solariums.

This book bridges the wisdom of the ancients with current medical research and advances in electronic technology. We have come a long way from the carefully stoked fires of our ancestors. Modern saunas are built in every imaginable size, shape, and material. Innovative heat sources include far infrared electric heaters, which permit one to sweat at lower temperatures while utilizing the most healing frequencies on the electromagnetic spectrum.

Dr. Sylver has compiled a fascinating array of sources. The bibliography cites contemporary medical journal articles along with accounts that are centuries old but still relevant. There are many pages of easy-to-use tables. One section pinpoints what sauna style, heat source, and construction materials are best suited to particular needs. Another section identifies which symptoms and conditions respond well to sauna therapy, which require medical supervision, and which contraindicate the use of heat treatments altogether. (With proper supervision most people, regardless of their health issues, can benefit.) There is even an appendix on ozone.

Of special interest is a historical photo essay of different saunas, ranging from Dr. John Harvey Kellogg’s original electric light bath—invented in the 1900s after he saw a nurse use incandescent bulbs to eliminate her asthma—to modern sauna cabins complete with showers and rock-filled electric heaters. For the reader who wants a referral to a spa or clinic that uses heat therapy, this book has extensive listings (mostly domestic, and some international).

The Holistic Handbook of Sauna Therapy contains a detailed index. However, the chapters are already sensibly arranged to help you learn about sauna and apply its benefits to your life:

Chapter 1: The History of Saunas—Social and medical uses of heat therapy around the world from ancient times to the present, including sections on steam baths and hydrotherapy.

Chapter 2: How and Why We Sweat—The physiology of sweating, what heat therapy can and cannot do, dispelling myths about saunas.

Chapter 3: What We Sweat—The effects of harmful chemicals and pollutants; where they come from; and scientific studies on the elimination of heavy metals, pesticides, and other contaminants during sweating.

Chapter 4: The Three Types of Heat—Comparing far infrared, light steam, heavy steam, and conventional dry heat; understanding the electromagnetic spectrum, including its infrared and far infrared portions; dangers of most ELF fields; and how to apply heat transmission principles to your therapeutic needs and choice of sauna.

Chapter 5: Construction of the Sauna—The sauna building materials most compatible with your chosen heat source; and the sauna type best suited to your heat source, toxicity level, and spatial comfort.

Chapter 6: Who May Use the Sauna and Who Should Not—Medical conditions helped by sauna therapy, when it’s safe to use the sauna, when precautions are advised (and what kind), and when to seek supervision from a health care practitioner.

Chapter 7: How to Take a Sauna—What to do before, during and after a sauna session; how to recognize overheating and heatstroke; and care of the sauna.

Chapter 8: Detoxification Programs for Getting Well and Staying Well—The physiology and biochemistry of detoxification, how to support the liver, suggested nutrients during your detox program, and individual detox protocols that include sauna use from medical specialists across the United States.

Appendix A: A Brief Summary of Ozone—Myths about ozone dispelled, the properties of ozone and how it can heal, and the many applications of ozone (including ozone in sauna cabinets).

Appendix B: Resources—Sauna manufacturers, spa and health organizations, spa-related products, and spas and medical clinics (domestic and international) that use sauna and other heat treatments.

The book is very user-friendly despite its scope and depth. Combining her obvious love of the natural sciences with a talent for presenting complex information in a readable and engaging style, Dr. Sylver explains concepts clearly enough for the layperson, yet with enough scientific documentation to satisfy the most exacting health care practitioner. She literally sweated over this book for three years—almost daily, she took a break from her writing with rejuvenating saunas. Her first-hand knowledge of this wonderful modality, plus her understanding of small details along with the big picture, make this one book you’ll want to read and reread many times.

If you have a health concern or know someone who is ill, if you are curious about how sweating eliminates toxins and the relationship of toxic overload to disease, or if you could use some tips on how to optimize your sauna experience, you will love this book. And if, after your appetite is whetted, you decide to buy your own sauna—or install one in your practice, if you’re a health care provider—you will find this book indispensable. After reading The Holistic Handbook of Sauna Therapy, your relationship to sweating will never be the same.

Critical Acclaim for The Holistic Handbook of Sauna Therapy

Excellent, one of a kind." —Joan Amtoft-Nielsen, MD, PhD, Healthcare for the 21st Century

"Comprehensive…an invaluable resource for all consumers and professionals." —Abbas Qutab, MD, Élan Vitál Medical Centers and Spas

"Truly magnificent….clear, very complete, well organized, well written, and extremely informative....simply the best book I have ever seen on this topic." —Doris J. Rapp, MD, FAAA, FAAP, FAEM, author of Is This Your Child? and Chemical Time Bomb

"An excellent guidebook, backed by solid research." —David E. Root, MD, MPH, founder of detoxification clinics specializing in intensive sauna therapy

"Well documented, comprehensive and thorough...a definitive work on sauna." —J. Paul DeVierville, MSSW, PhD, secretary of the International Spa Association Education Foundation

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The Rife Handbook    of Frequency Therapy and Holistic Health, Nenah Sylver, PhD
3 Nenah Sylver, PhD The Rife Handbook of Frequency Therapy and Holistic Health
Arizona Desert Gate 2011 0981807518 / 9780981807515 NEW - 2011 Hardcover NEW None (as issued) 768 Pages 

The best written and most informative book I've ever seen on resonant frequency therapy.  Jimmie Holman, Pulsed Technologies

Comprehensive, thoroughly researched guide to holistic health as well as the science and application of the work of Royal Rife. I highly recommend it for any clinical practiceutilizing complementary and energy medicine therapies.   Robert S. Ivker, DO, American Board of integrative Holistic Medicine (ABIHM) and author, Sinus Survival

Sophisticated enough for the seasoned health professional, yet thorough and comprehensible enough for the novice.  One of the best primers I have ever seen on holistic health.  Rose Marie Williams, MA, Townsend Letter


For a complete Chapter Outline plus Index, go to

Chapter 1: The Politics of Medicine and the Nature of Health.  Drug damage versus effectiveness. How to analyze clinical trials and hospital procedures. Iatrogenic (doctor-caused) disease and preventable deaths. How vaccines damage the body. Big Pharma marriage to the FDA, other government agencies, and universities. How drugs are approved, marketed and publicized. rBGH, aspartame and other toxins. Corporate-owned media, the fallacy of  peer reviewed articles, industry ties to medical journals, the bribing of doctors. Doping our children with psychotropic drugs. Addiction. How electronic media affects the brain. Drugs in our food and drinking water. Big Pharma's campaign against nutritional supplements.

Chapter 2: The History of Pleomorphism and Inventions of Royal Raymond Rife.  Life cycles of a microbe (Bechamp versus Pasteur). Precursors to disease, including deficiencies in sleep, oxygen and nutrients, and chemical/electromagnetic toxicities, injury, pH imbalance, pathogens, and emotional states. Pleomorphism proponents Virchow, Nightingale, Enderlein, Haefeli, Reich, Rosenow, Livingston-Wheeler, Naessens, Mattman and others. Little known facts about Royal Rifes life, his Universal Microscope, Ray, and clinical trials. How Rifes devices actually worked. John Crane, John Marsh, and the next generation of frequency devices. Detailed diagrams and measurements of a pleomorphic life cycle as viewed through a modern high-resolution German microscope. Photos of Rife, his colleagues, instruments, and news articles.

Chapter 3: Complementary Therapies.  Water and distillation, minerals, heavy metals, unabsorbed minerals, electrolytes. Cleaning and restoring water. Selected beverages. Food: different diets, biochemistry and metabolism. Factory farming, genetic engineering, irradiation, cloning. Explaining organic, wildcrafted, heirloom, local, free range, Brix. Good and bad fats, chemicals, conditioners, preservatives, and synthesized foods.  Sweeteners: history, biochemical effects, and processing of agave syrup, xylitol and stevia. Weston A. Price. Food preparation methods and cookware. Potency and preparation of herbs. Food-based versus synthetic nutritional supplements. Hydrogen peroxide. Ozone in drinking water; insufflation, funneling and bagging; inhalation; salve; generators; using ozone in the sauna. Colloidal Silver: history, properties, contraindications, preparation, particle size, storage, home generators, how to use, dispelling the myth of CS toxicity and how to reverse argyria. Colon cleansing. Aerobic/anaerobic exercise and the lymphatic system, and its anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties. Physiological and emotional implications of touch, massage, craniosacral therapy, chiropractic. New research on the relationship of myofascial release to Oriental medicine. Light and color therapies in depth: the pineal gland and light, SAD, monochromatic light therapy with lasers and LEDs, and Dinshah's Spectro-Chrome Color Therapy. Sauna therapy. Sleep, sleep-inducing food and supplements, Inclined Bed Therapy (IBT), new developments in meditation.      

Chapter 4: Frequently Asked Questions about Rife Equipment and Sessions.  Precautions and contraindications, including if you have a heart condition, are wearing a pacemaker, are pregnant or nursing, have blood clots, are taking pharmaceuticals/herbs, are wearing implants, are sensitive to concentrated EM radiation. Giving sessions to infants, children, pets, and farm or zoo animals. Eliminating toxic waste released by rifing. Types of devices (with and without RF); desirable traits of devices and manufacturers. Lasers and LEDs, general sweep units, frequencies on CDs and DVDs.
  • Terminology for non-engineers.
  • FAQs about rife sessions, frequency selection and microbe response, Herxheimer response
  • How the frequencies work
  • Specific health conditions
  • Updates on Rife technology and treatments.
  • A Short Course on How to Give Yourself a Rife Session.
  • Photos of equipment includes LEDs, lasers, and the high-power Ergonom microscope with even better resolution than Rifes original, accompanied by microscopic views of one-celled organisms.

Chapter 5: Frequency Directory.  Alphabetical, annotated, cross-referenced list of symptoms, diseases and frequencies for rife units. Along with single, stand-alone entries are the following: Arthritis and Joints. Bacteria. Blood Sugar Levels. Bone and Skeleton. Cancer. Candida, Fungi, Molds and Yeasts. Chemical Poisoning / Detoxification. Dental (Mouth and Gums, and Teeth). Ears. Eyes. Gastrointestinal Tract (Systemic Conditions, Colon / Large Intestine, Small Intestine, and Stomach and Esophagus). Glands (Adrenals, Pancreas, Parathyroid, Pineal, Pituitary, Thymus, Thyroid). Headache. Heart, Blood and Circulation. Injuries. Insect Bites. Liver and Gall Bladder (Liver, and Gall Bladder). Lymphatic System. Men (Penis, Prostate, Sexual Functioning, Testicles, Urinary). Mind and Emotions. Muscles. Nervous System and Brain. Parasites, Protozoa and Worms. Regeneration and Healing. Respiratory Tract (Lungs, Nose and Sinuses, Throat and Lymph Nodes, Vocal Chords). Skin. Tuberculosis. Tumors, Benign. Ulcers. Urinary Tract (Bladder and Urethra, and Kidneys). Viruses. Women (Breasts; Menstruation and Menopause; Sexual Functioning; Uterus and Cervix, Ovaries, and Fallopian Tubes; Vagina and Labia). Each Level 1 section also contains summary of how the body works and explanations of selected medical terms.

Chapter 6: Creating a Better World, Inside and Out.  The trauma of illness and death. The five stages of dying and the implications of letting go. Doctor support or lack of it. When a privileged few control the worlds wealth. When corporations govern (legal theft and criminal commerce). How to go beyond the dominator (dominant) paradigm. Cutting edge scientific research: the interconnection of quantum particles and the human as hologram. The power of prayer, long distance healing and group intention. The Unified Field, and healing with the heart. Studies on the physiological effects of meditation. Changing the structure of water and our own DNA. Love as a resonance.

  • Appendix A: Resources.
  • Appendix B: Legal Implications of Rife Sessions.    
  • Appendix C: Healing with Electromedicine and Sound Therapies.  
  • Appendix D: Selected Published Studies in Electromedicine.
  • Appendix E: Rife Research in the United States.
  • References.
  • Index.

  • Hardcover. Size with cover: 8 3/4  x 11 1/4 inches (22.2 cm x 28.6 cm). Weight: 5.6 pounds (2.5 kg).        
  • Thickness: 2 inches (5 cm). Sturdy sewn binding and smooth thick paper ensure a long shelf life.

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